Gerard Dunning

Software Architect

Commercial Voice

Agency Talent

Media Analyst

Over 35 years experience in software development and a career in commercial radio beginning in 1986, with a move to television in 1992.

Gerard has acquired a unique position in the solutions architectural field having held successful positions as Producer, Music Director, Voice Aritst, and DJ in Metropolitan Radio (NZ), and Technical / On-Air Director and Network Engineering in National Television (NZ).

In seeking to leverage his development skills within the broadcasting industry, Gerard has successfully pioneered cutting-edge solutions for media outlets throughout the AsiaPac region as well as North America (XM Satellite Radio) and Europe (BBC). After becoming a development partner with SAP Business Objects and Oracle in 2001 Gerard focused on developing new tools for air-time analysis and data mining. Covering both the cable and free-to-air sales markets across AsiaPac, he has also developed live analytical and graphical solutions for Electoral television coverage both in New Zealand (TV3) and Australia (ABC).

With a true understanding of the end-user/consumer market Gerard has gained a solid reputation within the industry for solution ergonomics and has headed up a number of international software design projects for Harris (USA).

Voice Client Testimony

"Amazing. Super quick and very professional" ~ "Nailed it in the first take" ~ "Fantastic! Top actor, the client was really happy" ~ "Gerard is a true professional and has a great voice. He responded and delivered the voice within an hour." ~ "Wow, Gerard's voice stood out among the rest. We loved it!" ~ "Outstanding talent! Very professional and exceptional turn around time" ~ "The voice has enchanted us and the speed, comfort and availability of Gerard has been fantastic. The client loved the work!" ~ "Very professional and efficient. A pleasure to work with" ~ "Great voice, great service" ~ "Gerard was great to work with. Fast turnaround and a great result" ~ "Perfect on the First Take!" ~ "Brilliant voice! Really understood the brief and delivered the read we wanted" ~ "Top notch work!"

Studio records daily 2200~1200 GMT (0900~2300 AEDT, 1600~0600 CT)

3.0 Production (FR), 87seconds (UK), Alfa Therm (IN), Andrea Peressutti (IT), Australian Training Products (AU), Avidea Producciones (ES), Awesome Fighter Animation (AU), Bear Marketing (AU), Candy Burger (AU), Elearn & Laugh (NZ), Fifeshire FM (NZ), Hence Human (US), Holy Eye Films (ES), Humanitarian Media (LA), Johnson and Couzins (NZ), K-Studio (IT), Kings Road Media (US), Marriott Rewards (US), MediaWorks (NZ), PrintALL (CZ), Radio Hauraki (NZ), Radio Pacific (NZ), Saatchi & Saatchi (UK), Simple Integrated Marketing (AU), Stillmotion (US), TechnoCom (IN), The Aurum Group (CA), Today's Feature (US), TV3 (NZ), TWIN (US), (UK), Windy FM (NZ)