Gerard Dunning

Software Architect

Commercial Voice

Agency Talent

Media Analyst

"Amazing. Super quick and very professional" ~ "Nailed it in the first take" ~ "Fantastic! Top actor, the client was really happy" ~ "Gerard is a true professional and has a great voice. He responded and delivered the voice within an hour." ~ "Wow, Gerard's voice stood out among the rest. We loved it!" ~ "Outstanding talent! Very professional and exceptional turn around time" ~ "The voice has enchanted us and the speed, comfort and availability of Gerard has been fantastic. The client loved the work!" ~ "Very professional and efficient. A pleasure to work with" ~ "Great voice, great service" ~ "Gerard was great to work with. Fast turnaround and a great result" ~ "Perfect on the First Take!" ~ "Brilliant voice! Really understood the brief and delivered the read we wanted" ~ "Top notch work!"

Studio records daily 2200~1200 GMT (0900~2300 AEDT, 1600~0600 CT)